Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Roper Sibling Christmas 2008

We were very lucky that my siblings made it up this last weekend depite all the snow. It actually started to melt so we were able to get out and do a couple things.

They made it here Friday evening and we had dinner together. Teri and her family stayed at my place and Kent and his family stayed with Dawn. We opened presents and had Breakfast at Dawns on Saturday morning and then went to OMSI and then Boppin Bo's for dinner. Sunday we Hung around our place after church and had a big dinner and then played games. It was absolutely wonderful minus some grumpiness :). I love being around family. I would take it over anything anyday! Thanks for coming guys and I hope you enjoyed your time here and I can't wait til we can get together again!

A Very Wonderful Christmas

Despite all the stress of 2008, we had a very wonderful Christmas. I was really worried about how it would all turn out, but thanks to family and some special friends it was one of our best Christmas' yet. We are so truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank you all for caring about our Children so much. It brought the true spirit of Christmas into our home and made me feel closer to my Heavenly Father and to remember that he knows me and will take care of me as long as I have faith.

The kids got lots of wonderful things and even Jeremy and I were surprised with a couple things. I asked the kids what their favorite thing from Christmas was and Aiden said it was his dinosaur webkinz. Ashlyne said hers was her new pink vacuum. And I think Arianne's favorite thing was her walker that she can use to take off on now. She had a very exciting frist Christmas. Napoleon even got a little spoiled with some dog cookies in his stocking!! Jeremy and I love to watch our children's faces as they open the presents and feel the excitement. And Jeremy enjoys opening all the new toys and putting them together. :) HEHE

We also had a very White Christmas with a foot of snow outside. We had Cody, Stephanie, Terrel and Dakota over and Jeremy and Cody decided to go outside and act like 5 year olds and build a snow transformer!

We love you all very much and appreciate all the things you have done for us in the year 2008! It was a great ending to roller coaster year!!!

Aiden turned 7!

Aiden made it to 7!!! He wanted a dinosaur themed Birthday and his favorite is the triceratop so I put one of his presents on the top of his cake. Daddy ventured to McDonalds and brought it home for us to enjoy since we couldn't go anywhere in the 12 inches of snow we had. Then we opened presents and had cake. For his Birthday he got Club Penguin for his DS, Cars racers, some DS games, toy dinosaurs, some money, Cd player/alarm clock and a gift card to target. He was really happy. And is even happier to turn eight. I keep telling him to enjoy being 7, but he wants to get baptized so bad!!! Thanks to everyone who helped him celebrate his great day!