Monday, September 22, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I had a girls game night at my house on Friday and my husband took the kids out and then when they got home he kept them in Aiden's room and watched movies with them so I could have fun with my friends! Well when they were getting ready to leave one of my friends pointed out the little Sleeping Beauty in the hallway hanging out of Aiden's doorway.
Oh and Jeremy, I love you so much, thanks for letting me have game night at our house and watching the kids while I played. You are the Best!

Here she goes

So Arianne Has finally figured out how to get around. She gets up on her hands and tippy toes, with her stomach completely off the ground. And then pushes herself backwards with her arms. And just 2 days ago she figured out how to get on her knees too. I cannot believe at 6 months she is doing all this. Man are we in for it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day of School 2008

I cannot believe I am old enough to have a first grader. He is so Mr. Independent! I drove him to school and walked him to his classroom, he sat down and said "Bye Mom." I couldn't believe it. So I hung around only cause I'm nosey and wanted to know what he was going to do in first grade and then I decided it was time to let go and let him be a big boy! Then I went and took care of a couple things and we started walking to the car and then Ashlyne had a fit. She kept screaming, "I want my Aiden!" All day long she kept asking if it was time to pick him up yet cause she's only used to him being away for 3 hours. 6 hours is great though, I got to be with just my girls for 6 hours and I get to that every day! When I went to pick him up I asked him what he'd done all day and he said he couldn't remember! What a good first day I guess! But he did tell me that he get so eat in the cafeteria and have 2 recess'. He is enjoying himself and loving the class and the Teacher!


ABC's of our Trip!

A-Alien Pancakes
B-Boots with the fur-That ones for you Jacki!
C-Chicken Balls
D-Dog-Napoleon survived his first trip!
E-Eyeshadow-thanks for letting me do your make up girls!
F-Family, awww I miss you all!
G-Grandparents! Need I say more!
H-Hand and Foot-Thanks Heather, I can't wait til next time!
I-Ice Cream!!!mmmm Leatherby's
J-Jumping off of the back of James and Heathers Couch!-I'm still shaking my head
K-Keep Smiling! Heather!
L-lingering.... at the stores, at houses, at the park, anywhwere
M-Mario Cart Wii-You guys spoil us..thanks James and Heather
N-New Clothes-Thanks Suzanne!!
O-Office trip-wow, I can't believe its been that long
P-Pictures-Thank you all for taking Pictures! especially Jeremy
Q-Quotes after Midnight by James
R-Rip, what! why!
S-Sibling time-much needed
T-Topps Yogurt
U-Under the table-where Napoleon was usually hiding
V-Very memorable!
W-Waffles-Thanks for the Waffles Mom, love your new place
X-Xtra Special-like wearing a......kinda special
Y-Yummy food-thanks Jean for dinner and the cupcakes were fabulous
Z-zzzz's-we didn't get any

We decided to take advantage of the Labor Day Weekend and run down to Sacramento. Please don't be offended if we didn't see you, we we're only there for 3 days. And we will be down a couple times next year and have lots of time to visit with everyone!!