Monday, May 25, 2009

Here you go.....

So I know I haven't been blogging for awhile. I guess I haven't been motivated, but people keep bugging me about it so here you go. Enjoy! And I promise I will be more bloggy in the future!
These are post all the way back from February to the present!

Green Eggs and Ham

The school had a thing for the first graders that they got to eat green eggs and ham for breakfast with their Moms and Dads. I got to go and be with Aiden. The principal dressed up as the Cat and the Hat and read the book to them and then they met up with us in the cafeteria and ate. After that we went back to their classrooms and read to the students. They also got all those hats to keep and take home and one of the local credit unions donated a new book to each student.

The Dentist

Sometimes Ashlyne really amazes me. I took her to the dentist in February for the first time and she wasn't scared nor nervous. She sat back and let them do their thing and even had a good time with "the sucky thing". It was such a relief. I was so expecting a screaming child running from the doors!

Bridal Shower

I got the opportunity to go to California in March for a few days with no husband or kids! I went to throw a shower with Heather for Suzanne. It was tons of fun. Thank you so much Honey for watching the kids and house for a couple days so I could get a break!

Our Itty Bitty Garden

So we decided to try out a garden. We have a four by four garden bed that they call square foot gardening. We planted stuff a little early but we do have some things growing so considering this is our first time I call it a success! Next year we won't be so anxious and will wait a little longer to put them outside!

Egg Coloring 2009

We had a very busy Saturday before Easter this year so we did a quick egg coloring before tucking kids into bed. We also got the opportunity to go to a friends house for lunch and an egg hunt and that is where the picture of Arianne with a flower on her head comes from. Thanks Karen!

Easter 2009

We had a Wonderful Easter. The kids woke up opened their goodies and had an Easter egg hunt. After we went to church we tried to take some pictures of all the kids together. This is my favorite holiday because of the colors and candy and cute little animals, but most of all because of the reminder of what Christ did for all of us!!


We had the opportunity to go to California for Suzanne and Craigs Wedding. We were able to spend time out at Grammy and Gramps and we had a Birthday party for Arianne and had a Bachlorette party for Suzanne and of course there was a good time had by all at the wedding!

Another Dance Recital

Ashlyne had another Dance Recital at which she did great at! I have a feeling we will have much more of these in the future, but I am totally okay with that. It is so great to see her in a place where she shines and is very comfortable with the atmosphere!

Mothers Day 2009

I woke up with an omelet and toast in bed and lots of homemade cards. Then I went to church with matching skirts with my daughters. I came home and got to take a long nap and then woke up got dinner made for me and then brownies and ice cream and we all watched Iron Man together. It was a wonderful day and am so grateful I get to be a Mother to 3 wonderful children!!!