Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Twinkie Weiner Sandwhiches

If any of you have ever watched the Movie UHF then you know what a Twinkie Weiner Sandwhich is. It's a twinkie sliced down the middle with a hotdog placed in it and topped off with spray cheese!
So Jeremy and his Brothers and his Dad finally decided to try them since I had leftover twinkies from Ashlyne's cake. I am actually surprised they haven't tried this earlier. Don't they look yummy!

And my five year old daughter has seen the dumb movie so many times that she told them that they forgot to dip them in milk before they ate them.

And they actually said they aren't so bad. No thanks, I'll pass!

The Princess turns 5!!!

On our last night in California we had a BBQ at Papa and Nana's house for Ashlyne and had a cake and presents. She got new pet shop stuff, a Hanna Montana Barbie, Money, a DS, Barbie toys and a pair of skates! And if your wondering the cake has two balerina slippers on top of it. It looks better from a top view, and it was 108 degrees that day so it was melting fast. But it tasted great!! Happy Birthday Princess. Mommy and Daddy LOVE you!!!

Roper Time!!!

We had two days straight of Roper family fun in California. On Friday we went to a spray park and had a picnic and then went back to Kent's house to play games, of course it was only us girls that played. Thanks Jacki for getting me addicted to Ticket to ride, I have to buy it now! And Kent made Moms pudding that none of us knew what he was talking about until we all tasted it and then it came back to us. I always thought that Mom made JELLO pudding from a box! Now I know why I can't get my pudding from a box to taste like my Moms. Thanks Kent.

On Saturday we went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It was a blast. Way too hot though. I am so glad Jeremy thought to bring a spray bottle, your so smart honey!

Happy 29th Jeremy

While in California we celebrated Jeremy's 29th Birthday. We went to Elk Grove Park and had his favorite desserts with friends. I made cheesecake. Mom made Banana Split Cake and Suzanne made Caramel Brownies. Thanks guys, it was yummy! And it was hot so needless to say when the sprinklers went on the kids went running!!! Tony didn't care for it too much so I styled his hair instead. Isn't he handsome! Happy Birthday Honey!

Aunt Sis and Uncle Craig's new pool

Craig and Suzanne got a pool as a wedding gift and the kids were the first to try it out. It was Arianne's first experience in a pool. She did great, but didn't stay in long. The other two stayed in until they were wrinkled. Thanks guys for the fun!

Fathers Day 2009

On Fathers Day Jeremy played around with the camera and was taking up close pictures of the kids. The one of Ashlyne is pretty funny! Their little personalities really shine through in their eyes!! Happy Fathers Day Honey. Thanks for the three bundles of joy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wildlife Safari Drive Thru Zoo

We always drive to California in the middle of the night and we always see the Drive thru zoo in Winston Oregon, but of course it's not open at 11pm. So anyway, we decided to drive during the day this time so we could stop and drive thru!!! I think all zoo's should be drive thru's!

This is the ostrich that we saw first. And that is our GPS in our car just to show you how close it got. Infact it even pecked at our driver side window and Jeremy wouldn't roll down the window, can you believe that! Sorry this is the only picture, but I have a lot to post and the rest of the pictures are just animals!!